Genie Meets Flaco

This was summer of 2015, and I had just graduated from UC Davis. So naturally, my next logical step was to adopt a dog…and then find a real job. I religiously stalked the websites of every SPCA in the Sacramento area and dragged my boyfriend to the pound every single week, but it never worked out. We almost adopted this 9 year old jack russell, but right as we were telling the volunteer, the dog would not stop humping me! I was not down. Then, there was another time we wanted an adorable puppy that literally looked like a Pokemon, but Andrew was running late for a class with mandatory attendance. They didn’t allow us to put him on hold either, so by the time his class was over, the dog was already adopted.

The Pokemon dog! I wanted to name him Sparky

But it’s okay because then we got Flaco. It was around 8:50am on a hot summer morning, right before the Placer County SPCA opened their doors. Andrew was already at work, so it was just me and another young couple who had their eyes on some eskimo dog they spotted on the website.

Right on the dot at 9:00am, the volunteers started walking the dogs to the cages. I saw my little Flaco (his name was Elwood at that time) waddling towards us with his little corgi brother. They were both so adorable; my heart melted! At one point, Flaco laid down and began rolling around in the middle of the parking lot. His brother and the SPCA volunteer had to both nudge him along.

Apparently, Flaco’s brother was already taken (which I thought was strange since the other SPCA didn’t even let us put a dog on hold for 2 hours), so after playing with Flaco, I immediately snagged him without consulting the boyfriend. They let me sign the paperwork and put down a deposit so that I could pick up the dog after Andrew comes back from work. I went home and impatiently awaited to surprise my boyfriend.


When he finally returned, I rushed him to the SPCA and was like “SURPRISE!!! MEET OUR PET DOGGY!” Honestly, I don’t remember his initial reaction, but he probably didn’t believe me. He told me months later that he thought Flaco was a mountain lion and that he was scared of it….Oh well, we both love him now. And that’s how I met Flaco!

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