Genie Eats Vegan For A Week

Andrew and I watched that one What The Health documentary that’s been trending for a while now and decided to jump on the vegan bandwagon. It’s perfect timing because hopefully I’ll lose weight before my college housemate’s wedding.

I already know I have to break it when I go home to celebrate both my parent’s birthdays, but other those celebrations, I’m going to try my very best to stick to a healthy vegan diet. Andrew and I both know that this realistically won’t be a long-term lifestyle for us, but hopefully, we’ll form at least some healthier eating habits by temporarily switching to a plant-based diet.

Eating vegan has been way more difficult than anticipated. We’ve been trying for a week now, but weren’t even close the first couple days. To be fair, Andrew’s housemate was moving out to San Jose, so we needed to do a proper send off! Naturally, we ended up pigging out on cheesy tots, fries, wings, and cheese sticks at Dave & Buster’s (damn, I should have blogged about that night. It was so much fun!), trying sushi from the Japanese place he worked at, and grabbing lunch from our favorite Thai restaurant.

But letting a spoon of Nutella I put on my strawberries last night slide (I didn’t realize Nutella has dairy in it…), we finally made it to day 3!

what the health

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