Genie Tries Whole 30

New Year, new me! I’m still working on my New Year’s Resolutions, but I have already decided that I will kick-off this year with the Whole 30 Diet Program.

I first heard about this program from a coworker who made ordering office snacks such a hassle. She swore that Whole 30 was life-changing, claiming that she had so much more energy, lost weight, and slept better. She even said that her facialist noticed that her skin transformed. I’ve also heard the opposite though. Another coworker had to stop before day 20 because she had zero energy and started getting terrible migraines.

The premise seems simple enough – eat only real, natural, whole foods for 30 whole days. That unfortunately means no grains, no sugar, no dairy, no legumes, and no carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites (lol whatever those are…). I’m not sure which food group would be the most difficult for me to cut out. At first I thought it would be the sugar and dairy, but then I realized that rice/corn (grains) and soy sauce/chickpeas (legumes) are staples in any of my go-to healthy meals.

It’s definitely going to be a challenge, and to be transparent, I’m only doing Whole 26 anyway. I know, I’m a cheater 😳 but I’m going to need to break all the rules on my birthday. Besides, 26 days is definitely enough to both detox my body and teach me to make healthier food choices. I currently weigh in at 116.4 lb, and while it’d be great to shed a few pounds, I’m mostly hoping that this program will force me to cook, reset my palette, and help kick my constant unhealthy cravings.

Check out my daily struggles food log here. If anyone has any fun and easy recipes/suggestions, help your girl out! Otherwise, wish me luck!

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