I Tried the Halo Laser…

…It was hands down, not worth it.

After my best friend got her face lasered in Taiwan, I began to obsess about zapping away the obscene divots around my temples. Hours of extensive Googling later, I finally bit the bullet and went for the Halo Laser at a Cosmetic Surgery place in the Sacramento area. This particular laser touts excellent results with minimal downtime by utilizing two different wavelengths, one to target pigmentation issues in the uppermost layer, while the other penetrates into deeper layers to stimulate collagen and growth.

After reading dozens of laser horror stories, I didn’t want to risk fucking up my entire face, so I asked the doctor to only spot treat the acne scarring around my temples. I made sure to point out the eczema on my cheeks and emphasized my worries about irritating it. Better safe than sorry, right? Dr. K, however, insisted on treating my entire face, otherwise it would be uneven. Then he told me that the Halo Laser would help the melasma on my cheeks…even though I had just told him it was eczema.

I should have left right then and there, but instead, I let the doctor assure me that the Halo is the right decision. During that whole time, he didn’t even once move from his swivel chair to actually take a closer look at my skin! Yet I somehow dismissed all those glaring red flags and regrettably signed the waiver.

The nurse had me take a painkiller and slathered numbing cream all over my face, so the treatment was painful, but not unbearable. The comparison that everyone online makes to being snapped by rubber bands is actually pretty spot on. After a few uncomfortable passes, I was sent home with thorough post-treatment instructions.

As expected, my burnt skin flaked off in around a week, revealing promisingly poreless new skin. However, months later, not only are my pores back, there has been zero improvement in the texture of the scars around my temples, the reason I got my face lasered in the first place. If anything, my skin overall is more dry and sensitive nowadays, but that may or may not be due to the Halo. I personally didn’t see enough of a difference to recommend the Halo laser, and you can’t pay me to return to Dr. K.

I would leave a review, but apparently, now the doctor is trying to sue a patient for defamation after a bad Yelp review. It’s no wonder that despite my shitty experience, they maintain such high Yelp and Google reviews. Shady. I’m not comfortable naming specifics, because I’m too broke to be sued, but feel free to message me for details, especially if you’re looking to get lasered in the Sacramento area.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 3.54.45 PM


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